Carolyn Comes to Town


A few weeks ago my Ann Arbor housemate came to visit me from Ireland where she’s studying abroad this semester. It was really nice to get to spend some time with a familiar friend. As much as I’ve enjoyed meeting new people in Uppsala, it can get exhausting making small talk and spending so much time trying to get to know people. Spending the weekend with Carolyn was a relaxing break from pushing myself to be outgoing.

We spent the few days exploring Uppsala and of course, I introduced her to some of the experiences that are unique to Sweden and student life here.

We played by a Castle:

IMG_3579 IMG_3584

The King had the cannons aimed at the Cathedral to act as a “bishop controller” and show the church that he’s the one running the showIMG_3578

Climbed into a pit:


pc: Carolyn

Took some selfies in front of the sad wintery royal garden:


Then played in the Castle which is now an art museum:

IMG_3588 IMG_3590 IMG_3592A remaining wall from the original building before the Castle fire of 1702 

My favorite exhibit was  Head Above Water by artist Barthelemy Toguo

Visited the Cathedral:

IMG_3603 IMG_3608

We danced in a library, but unfortunately couldn’t dance with the books


Then on to Stockholm; the capital of Scandinavia (or so the marketing material claims. Norway and Denmark aren’t too happy about this campaign slogan).

IMG_3623 IMG_3632  Gamla StanIMG_3641 IMG_3645  Parlement  IMG_3669

Building where the Nobel prize is given out. Fun Fact: there’s no prize for mathematics because Nobel had his heart broken by a girl who instead married a mathematician. 

Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures in Tre Kronor (the Royal Palace). There is a historical museum with displays about the Palace before it burned down in 1697, and another part with the gazilions of royal chambers. The Swedish princes recently married her gym personal trainer and the after party was held in one of the chambers that we visited. The good news is that the youngest prince is unmarried and very handsome; the bad news is we didn’t accidentally run into him Amanda Bynes What a Girl Wants style, and neither of us are on our way to becoming Swedish royalty.

I came to Sweden expecting cold and snow, but instead Carolyn brought the wet clammy Irish weather here with her which is why I have no pretty pictures from the second day. Because it wasn’t very pretty. And it was very wet. And cold.

We stayed in the City Backpackers Hostel which was very “hip” (maybe a little too try-hard), filled with fun friendly people, had a kitchen full of free pasta of guests, and was very close to the center. It’s a little pricey, but I would recommend staying there.


pc: Carolyn IMG_3676

IMG_3660 IMG_3658

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